Part 2 of Workshop

Please share with us
1. What do you find useful in this part of the workshop?
2. What other areas that you would suggest for our subsequent workshops for parents.

Please enter your thoughts in "Comments".
Thank you very much.


  1. To learn about some basic idea of blog

  2. 1. Care of the laptop
    2. Copy right issues

  3. Having student helpers around is very useful. I look forward to similar workshop in the future.

  4. It was a good session. Look forward to more such workshops. Appreciate your great effort. Special thanks to Millie, for her help.

  5. Thanks very much for organizing this session. It's informative and useful. Looking forward for next learning lesson.
    p/s Special thanks to Wei Chern and Jun Hao for guiding me through the workshop.

  6. I feel that this workshop should be done more often as this can let us learn more about macbook , the function of mac, the stuff that children learn in this school.

  7. Definitely useful.
    "Browse history" to be covered.